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  Always Check Attention Notices for the most up to date information
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  The U.S. NOTAM office specialists do not provide NOTAM briefings.

Flight Planning Software - FREE DOWNLOAD

Posted 06.00 by aviasi in Label:
I have received some reports of difficulty downloading the software so I have provided this mirror page for your convenience.

PC Software

  • NAV333.ZIP (200k) Requires VBRUN200.DLL. After unzipping NAV333.ZIP and VBRUN200.ZIP, move VBRUN200.DLL into the same directory as the NAV333 files.
  • PCFPLN11.ZIP (299k) License warns: "This program shall not be used by commercial-, military- or governmental operators without a special licence agreement with the author! Also for general use in a flying club or similar, a special agreement is required."

Mac Software

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